I’m loving my stuff especially the Face Cleansing Oil!!!
Jessica M

I have tried other natural deodorants and they did not control the odour. This creamy citrus actually kept me smelling fresh all day. I’m very impressed and will continue use.
Michelle C

Works as intended, controls odour all day , will continue to use with pleasure. It also smells good.
Wade R

This stuff is awesome no matter what your using it for. It is seriously the only thing to stop my hands from cracking in the winter! Try it for yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed!!
Heather V

It works better than store brand. I did a test, I put Creamy Citrus in my right pit and Adidas aluminum free on the other. Creamy Citrus won!! No Stinky Pits!!
Norissa M

Thanks… Yes it arrived safely… Just a little warm so I put the deodorant in the fridge. Cute little packaging too! I really love it by the way! I was leery of it working well on hot days but is does a fabulous job and I love the smell of it!
Angela M